Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO

Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO

Product Charasteristics

The main characteristics of the Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO are tied to its Protected Designation of Origin certification: it is produced using only Italian raw ingredients and in full compliance with the traditional recipe that dates back to the time when hunters carried this salami with them in their saddle bags during their hunts. Only high-quality cuts of pork, salt, pepper and a traditional pinch of garlic are used as the ingredients; strong spices are never used.

When the product has been cured for at least 10 days, it must have a well-defined taste and chemical-physical properties: a small size (usually ranging from around 200 g up to a maximum of 350 g), a slightly curved shape and firm, non-elastic consistency.

When cut, the slice will be firm and homogeneous, with a uniform ruby red colour, well-distributed grains of fat and a subtle, delicate flavour that is never acidic.

Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano

This consortium, established in 2003, works tirelessly to protect and promote Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO (Italian Cacciatore Salami PDO). All consortium members share a single, uniform label (easily and immediately identifiable) to make product recognition easier for consumers.


The term Salame Cacciatore and its variants (e.g. cacciatorino or Cacciatore italiano) refers to “cured salami that was small enough to be carried in a hunter’s bag for a small meal.”

Its name is logical yet mysterious.

The ancient Etruscan origin of “salami dei cacciatori” (hunter’s salamis) dates back to around 2000 years ago. It was introduced to the rest of Italy by the Etruscans’ direct descendants, the Romans; this explains why these salamis are found throughout Italy.

Cacciatori and cacciatorini were salamis that hunters brought with them on hunts, to be eaten with bread. This food was particularly suited to their sport as it contained the right amount of fat and supplied energy and complete branched-chain amino acids. The salami was sufficiently salted to compensate for the salt lost during long, intense horse rides spent chasing after game.

This type of salami was therefore available in a “concentrated” form, yet it was its savoury, delicious taste that made it the ideal food for hunters. The size of the salami depended on the estimated duration of the hunt. In any case, small-sized salamis that were tied in a row with string (filzetta) were the most suitable and popular size, a little like modern-day “single-portion packaging”.


Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO are processed in the area defined in its relative product specification, corresponding to the following regions: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Tuscany, Marche, Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.


A production process that respects tradition.

Producing this product is, and has always been, a process that requires a great deal of experience.

The Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO production process begins by carefully selecting the cuts of meat, which are then thoroughly minced, mixed and seasoned with spices. They are then stuffed into casings, tied using traditional strings and cured.

This processing method guarantees a high-quality product, characterised by its delicate aroma, sweet flavour and deep ruby red colour.


The improvements that have emerged from studying the product’s new nutritional values indicate that Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO now fall into a category of foodstuffs suitable for the entire population, and which can be eaten at different times. They are satisfyingly tasty yet also in line with the scientific community’s dietary recommendations.

Their protein, vitamin and mineral salt content also makes them suitable for growing children.

The elderly can also enjoy the taste of this typical Italian food product, as it is easy to chew, has a long shelf life and also meets the increasing need for a higher calcium, phosphorus, zinc and anti-oxidant vitamin intake. The Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO provide young people and sport enthusiasts alike with an easy, natural means to replenish the nutrients lost during physical exercise: easily-digested and assimilated carbohydrates, proteins, fats and mineral salts.

On the table

The Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO are perfect when eaten on their own with a glass of sparkling wine. They are also excellent eaten with bread and reasonably mild cheeses. They can also be used as a delicious, tasty ingredient in some recipes, such as salads, pureed dishes or risottos, served with vegetables. Another original way to enjoy them is with fruit: they go really well with apples and pomegranate seeds.


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